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Company Profile

EverforEver BioTech is the Branch Company of Xi’an SR Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd, started in Xi’an China back in 2012. From newbies to becoming a leading company in natural active ingredients and health supplements, our journey towards success is nothing less than a proof of hardworking and dedicated team efforts.

Our goal is to supply the best natural active ingredient(herbal extracts), natural formula, semi-products in powder, liquid, lotion, tablets and other related product(s) with the utmost quality to our customers.

Our Purpose

EverforEver BioTech entered in the market with one mission and that is to be the “Best”. Our vision is even wider because we are focusing on life improvement. EverforEver BioTech knows the value of nature and how it can be helpful to improve the life cycle of the human kind. We brainstorm how to make things more advance than they already are.

Our Strength

EverforEver BioTech mainly focus on the speed but simultaneously take care of the quality. Our delivery time is quick and we help you to choose the right product according to your needs. Our sales team is friendly and ask first about your needs not money. For a deep technical detail, we also arrange our internal team expert who can speak to you directly, related to your demands and forward them to the concerned department to offer you the best possible solution. Because of the right way of giving solution we have customers from all over the globe which also includes major markets like China, USA, Russia, Middle East, Asia and others.

Our Promise and Security

Every other customer demands that his/her product should be highest in quality and shipped securely to the desired place. EverforEver BioTech understand all the concern and know the importance of deadlines. Therefore, we always inform in prior about the delivery time and the production time. EverforEver BioTech has its own in-house laboratory and experts which itself shouts about the security that our products are manufactured in. We take all measure and keep a strict eye through 24/7 monitoring to make sure that all the procedures are going smooth and under an expert supervision.

Our Certification&Credit

We would LOVE to work with you

EverforEver devotes to the commercialization of natural plant extracts. We definitely offer high quality natural ingredients and technical services for health care, health food and cosmetics industry.


Saw Palmetto Extract

saw palmetto extract



Tribulus Terrestris Extract