Look! ! ! ❀❀The Wholesale NMN Your looking for

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☆☆☆PRODUCT DETAILS☆☆☆ NMN - THE CUTTING EDGE LONGEVITY SUPPLEMENT: NAD+ is the body’s most vital molecule for longevity. In fact, your brain, your muscles, your heart and every organ in your body relies on NAD+ for peak performance. And when you have optimal NAD+ levels you naturally feel more energetic, focused and youthful at [...]

PQQ—— known as the fourteenth vitamin?

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What Is PQQ? PQQ is pyrroloquinoline quinone. It is a redox factor and antioxidant found naturally in a variety of fruits and vegetables, including soybeans, spinach, parsley, and green tea, etc. It's also often found in breast milk. This is probably because it is absorbed from the fruits and vegetables the s consumed and [...]

Is collagen peptide really effective?

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At the age of 18, everyone's skin collagen is the most plump. But after the age of 22, you will find that your skin is no longer as tender as before. Staying up excess can lead to poor skin condition, poor complexity, and eating a night snack may result in a lot of weight [...]

NAD – a leader in the field of anti-aging

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What is NAD? Full name: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, abbreviated as coenzyme I. The function of NAD+is like a small train. It transports high-energy electron packets from one location in the cell to another location. When not carrying an electronic bag, it is called NAD. When it is loaded with a package of electrons, it [...]

Can eating lutein prevent myopia?

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With the popularization and development of electronic products, we are increasingly in contact with computers and mobile phones, chatting and playing games However, long-term exposure to computers and mobile phones has caused serious damage to the eyes. Therefore, many people will find some effective ways to nourish and protect their eyes. Eating more food [...]

Protective umbrella of sensitive skin – purslane extract

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I believe that many people have heard or used Winona's skin care products. Winona is a brand that focuses on sensitive skin. We can see an ingredient - purslane extract in the ingredient list of many skin care products under Winona. What is special about purslane extract? Portulaca oleracea is a Chinese herbal medicine [...]

Retinol——Anti-aging World’s “Time Thief”

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Retinol is actually vitamin Al. There are two types of vitamin A, one is vitamin A alcohol, which is the original form of vitamin A; The other is carotene, which is converted into the precursor of vitamin A in the body and extracted from the food of plants and animals. The BBC documentary "The [...]

Is 4-butylresorcinol harmful☹to the skin?

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→4-Butylresorcinol is usually harmless☆ to the skin . Butylresorcinol is a safe and cost effective skin lightener. It is widely used in skin care products, but because this ingredient has certain irritation, an allergy test should be done before use, and it can also be used during the day. Take sun protection measures when using. 4-Butylresorcinol [...]

How many rumors about astaxanthin have you heard?

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Astaxanthin has been very popular in recent years, and many ingredients are used by the party, but they do not really understand astaxanthin, and many people even have a partial understanding of it, there is a misunderstanding about the understanding of astaxanthin. Is shrimp the source of astaxanthin? The source of astaxanthin is not [...]

What happens to your skin when ceramide is exhausted?

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Do you really know what a skin barrier is? You must say that the outermost layer of skin, and then? This knowledge does not guide you in skin care. What you really need to know is its essence. It consists of about 50% ceramide, 25% cholesterol, and 10-25% fatty acids. The point is, what [...]

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