100% Water Soluble Resveratrol 10% Powder

Product Name: Resveratrol 10%
Latin Name: Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb.et Zucc.
Part Used: Root
Active Ingredient: Resveratrol
Appearance: White Powder
Specification: Resveratrol 10%
Test Method: HPLC
CAS#: 501-36-0


Resveratrol is a naturally occurring phytoalexin produced by some higher plants in response to injury or fungal infection. Phytoalexins are chemical substances produced by plants as a defense against infection by pathogenic microorganisms, such as fungi. Alexin is from the Greek, meaning to ward off or to protect. Resveratrol may also have the alexin-like activity for humans. Epidemiological, in vitro and animal studies, suggest that a high resveratrol intake is associated with a reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease and a reduced risk for cancer.


  • To have antiarrhythmic action and to relieve asthma
  • To lower blood pressure and relax vascular smooth
  •  To dry dampness and kill worms
  • To expel cold and the wind,  to warm the kidney and strengthen the yin
  • Antibiotic

Technical Data Sheet

Konjac Glucomannan data sheetProducttion process

Certificates: ISO, Kosher



Water Soluble Testing

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