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Acetyl L-Carnitine

Product Name Acetyl L-Carnitine
Other names ALC and ALCAR

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl

ALC Hydrochloride

CAS number 14992-62-2
Molecular Formula C9H17NO4
Molecular Weight 203.236 g/mol
Specifications purity of up to 99% for ALCAR
Appearance/color white to almost white crystal to powder
Benefits Acetyl L-Carnitine is a nutrient which fuels energy production in cells and support nerve function.
Applications Dietary Supplement Products
Package 1kg, 25kg/drum


Also known as ALC and ALCAR, Acetyl-L-carnitine is a form of carnitine commonly used in the production and manufacture of dietary supplements for weight loss and related benefits. Carnitine is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that is usually found in the kidneys and liver. Primarily, the action of Carnitine is to bring fatty acids into the mitochondrial system of the cell for energy production. In effect, Carnitine produces energy and enhances workout performance among individual users.

In the field of dietary supplement production, carnitine is referred to as L-carnitine or ALC. Although the compounds refer to one and the same ingredient, there are minor differences among them which may be taken into consideration in making supplement products.

The CAS number of ALCAR is 14992-62-2. Its molecular formula is C9H17NO4 and its molecular weight is 203.236 g/mol. The appearance of the compound is white to almost white crystal to powder. It is also soluble in water.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Forms and Specifications

ALC or carnitine in dietary supplements is also frequently referred to as Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl or ALC Hydrochloride. There are many other names by which the amino acid Acetyl-L-Carnitine is referred to in the chemistry world. While there are differences in the molecular structures, formula, and weight of these carnitine equivalents, they are significantly similar in terms of health effects, making their reference as one and the same acceptable.

After undergoing purification procedures, experts obtain purity of up to 99% for ALCAR. This percentage is ideal for dietary supplements in order to promote clinical benefits related to ALC supplementation. Since the compound is soluble in water, it is usually sold by ingredient suppliers in the form of powder.

Bulk purchase of ALCAR is generally available among reliable supplement suppliers. The price for a kilogram of the said compound usually ranges from $32 to $37, depending on the quantity of the ALCAR to be purchased and the location and distance between the supplier’s factory and the buyer. When sold in bulk, the compound is usually packed in paper drums and two layers of poly bags inside. Paper drums for bulk purchases usually have a net weight of around 25 kilograms of the compound.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Benefits

Carnitine is among the most popular dietary supplement ingredients for optimum brain function, weight loss, and muscle growth. It is used not only by athletes and bodybuilders but also adults and individuals who are already approaching the elderly age. Some of the beneficial effects of using ALCAR are as follows:

  • It serves as an antioxidant for the brain.

Antioxidants are powerful compounds that promote organ function by cleansing body cells and eliminating unwanted circulating free radicals. ALCAR is shown to possess antioxidant properties and is believed to cleanse toxins in the brain cells. Hence, it may support brain function and protect neurons from attacks of circulating free radicals.

The antioxidant effects of ALCAR may also help patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-associated brain conditions. Experts also say that it may be helpful among individuals who are suffering from mood disorders such as depression and bipolar conditions. This is because it promotes healthy levels of neurotransmitters in the interstitial layers of the brain.

Overall cognitive functions such as focus, concentration, analytical, and learning skills are also believed to improve with ALC supplementation due to its antioxidant potential.

  • It supports energy production.

As a carnitine derivative, ALCAR generally supports energy production in body cells which, in turn, promotes effective workout and performance of extraneous exercises by athletes and bodybuilders. As a potent energy-builder and fatty acid oxidation helper, ALCAR, based on medical advice, is best used for energy production during the pre-workout phase.

Persons who are engaged in workout programs or weight loss plans usually take ALCAR supplements as it is observed to boost energy and prevent exhaustion from setting in during the early stages of the program. Hence, using the compound may produce a positive effect among users as they are able to exercise or work out more without experiencing fatigue or muscle exhaustion.

It is also believed that ALC supplementation may help support blood flow to the different parts of the body during exercise, making nutrients and oxygen available to cells and muscles in order to prevent fatigue. The effect of ALC in blood flow regulation may also be beneficial among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients as this group of individuals have compromised blood circulation in the distal portions of the body.

  • It helps in weight loss.

Although the compound is not known to increase metabolism or the fat-burning process, it is believed to help in fat loss efforts by increasing the production of energy and meeting the muscles’ needs for the same during workouts. Hence, the process of efficient fatty acid oxidation through Acetyl-L-Carnitine supplementation may help enhance fat loss as presented in clinical trials.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Dosage

Normally, experts recommend intake of ALCAR at 500mg to 3 grams per day. However, this dosage may vary depending on the individual user’s present health condition, age, weight, and other factors.

For persons who are diagnosed with medical diseases and are taking certain medications, the dosage for ALCAR supplementation depends on the physician’s recommendation. Pregnant and lactating women may also take the compound for efficient bodily function but subject to recommendation by their respective physicians.


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