BingoerTech Co.,Ltd products are manufactured under the world-wide accepted ISO (Good Manufacturing Practices) system as regulated by Health China guidelines for natural health products and cosmetics.


Our professional quality assurance team ensures all of our products conform to strict quality control specifications as set forth by our robust quality assurance system.

Our raw materials are procured from reputable and ethical sources and checked against specifications for potency and consistency. Various consistent lab tests are done on raw materials and finished products to ensure unwavering product quality.

All manufacturing processes are carried out in a state-of-the art facility using the latest technology and equipment, in a clean air, access controlled environment. Each step of production is performed and documented according to SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Detailed Batch Records are maintained in every stage of manufacturing and packaging.

Quality is controlled by rigorous In-process and Finished Products testing by highly qualified technicians supervised by a Quality Assurance Manager, using in-house laboratory as well as trusted third party laboratories. The products are monitored for stability through to their shelf-life and beyond.

The QA/QC System at Bill Beauty & Health ensures that the products are of the highest quality, safety and efficacy.