August 2018

6 Natural Ingredients for Postpartum Depression

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Did you know that 70–80 percent of all new mothers experience some negative feelings after the birth of their child? It’s common for women to experience severe mood swings after giving birth, which are known as baby blues. But when this sense of sadness doesn’t go away, it may be the start of postpartum [...]

How Magnolia Bark Extract affects sleep and health?

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History Magnolia Bark has been used for over 1,000 years as a folk medicine in Asia. In traditional Asian medicine, Magnolia Bark has been prescribed for treating acute pain, headaches, diarrhea, allergies, asthma, and gynecological disorders. It has also been used to treat fever, anxiety, nervous disorders, depression, muscular pain, abdominal fullness, constipation, and thrombotic stroke. In [...]

July 2018

Major Differences Between Natural and Artificial Astaxanthin

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What is Astaxanthin? Haematococcus pluvialis algae cells become red as they accumulate the antioxidant carotenoid Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is so protective the cells can live for over 40 years without food or water and in extreme heat or cold. Natural Astaxanthin Health Benefits—The Healthy Ten 1) World’s Strongest & Highest Quality [...]

New dietary supplement products in USA market recently

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1.(LifeExtentsion) ComfortMAX Benefits: *ComfortMAX™ provides dual-action nerve support to help inhibit discomfort *PEA inhibits inflammatory factors to help calm excited nerves *Honokio(from magnolia bark extract) supports GABA neurotransmitters affected by discomfort *These combined actions help you stay comfortable throughout the day *Morning and nighttime dosing for around-the-clock support Honokio Honokiol is a naturally [...]

Tribulus Terrestris Extract-Saponins

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Saponins are naturally occurring plant glycosides; which is to say they are phytochemicals — chemicals found in plants. They possess soap-like qualities and produce a lather when mixed with water. Over one hundred families of plants contain saponins and there are more than eleven classes of saponins including dammaranes, tirucallanes, lupanes, hopanes, oleananes, taraxasteranes, [...]

How to use Saw Palmetto Extract make Man Health better?

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Overview Saw palmetto resembles the palm tree and it produces berries. It originated from North America and it is still popular in this region in this day and age. The lifespan of this plant is incredibly long with some of them being able to survive for more than seven centuries. The plant has provided [...]

When do you need Luteolin?

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Luteolin Background and Benefits Luteolin is a chemical that is classified as a citrus bioflavonoid. It is a yellow crystal in pure form, which is typical for flavonoids. Luteolin has many uses as a health supplement due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties allow luteolin to scavenge reactive compounds containing oxygen and [...]

April 2018

Milk Thistle Extract(Silymarin 80%) Dossier

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Milk Thistle origin is from central Asia and the Mediterranean region. After it has introduced in China, it is mainly cultivated in Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, and Hebei province. These areas have quite similar, natural and geographical condition as its origin. Milk Thistle is an annual, or biennial herbaceous plant with erect stems in total 30 [...]

March 2018

Saw Palmetto Oil Dossier

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1.Introduction Saw Palmetto is a supplement which is derived from the fruit of the plant Serenoa repens. The supplement (saw palmetto) has a caloric value, as it is a concoction of fatty acids. As is known to us, Saw Palmetto Oil is obtained from comminuted Saw Palmetto by extraction with hydroalcoholic mixtures or solvent hexane, or by [...]