Astaxanthin has been very popular in recent years, and many ingredients are used by the party, but they do not really understand astaxanthin, and many people even have a partial understanding of it, there is a misunderstanding about the understanding of astaxanthin.

  1. Is shrimp the source of astaxanthin?

The source of astaxanthin is not only shrimp.Seafood contains astaxanthin, such as shrimp, crab, salmon, etc. The common astaxanthin mainly includes chemical synthesis and natural extraction, while the natural source of Rhodococcus pluvialis is the best choice. The astaxanthin extracted from it has high purity and few impurities and is widely used.

2.Is astaxanthin cyan?

Astaxanthin is red, not cyan.The reason why the name is cyan is that the early astaxanthin is found in lobster, and the undercooked lobster is cyan. After heating, the astaxanthin will be awakened and become red and active. So astaxanthin itself is red, and the redder the color is, the higher the astaxanthin content is.

3 Can astaxanthin be ingested by food alone?

Eating food alone to get astaxanthin.In theory is ok, but difficult in practice. Because astaxanthin is more stored in the shell of shrimp, while the content of astaxanthin in shrimp meat is less, according to the human body’s need to consume 4-12 mg of astaxanthin a day, it needs to eat at least 10 jin of shrimp a day to meet, and also need to eat all the shells.

  1. Is astaxanthin, which fades in two or three days, high-quality?

The fading time of real good astaxanthin is generally two weeks to one month.

The reason why astaxanthin fades in two or three days is that the chlorophyll is too high,  the quality of this astaxanthin is not high. There is also astaxanthin that will never fade. That is synthetic astaxanthin.

  1. Astaxanthin is only a skincare ingredient and has no other effects?

Astaxanthin has antioxidant properties, can remove free radicals, enhance cell regeneration ability, and delay aging. Astaxanthin can inhibit the formation of melanin and has whitening effect. Astaxanthin can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet rays and has sunscreen effect.

But astaxanthin is not only a skin care ingredient. With its high antioxidant capacity, it has health care effects on many parts of the body. For example, improve the metabolism of lactic acid during exercise and improve exercise tolerance. It can also penetrate the blood-brain barrier and cell membrane, so as to carry out anti-oxidation inside the cell, and also has good protection for eye health and central nervous system.

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Author: Rachel