At the age of 18, everyone’s skin collagen is the most plump. But after the age of 22, you will find that your skin is no longer as tender as before. Staying up excess can lead to poor skin condition, poor complexity, and eating a night snack may result in a lot of weight gain.

There are various reasons for collagen loss.

Aging, UV damage, external environmental stimuli, irregular daily routines, work and life pressures, all contribute to the loss of collagen.

Among them, ultraviolet rays can activate melanin and nibble at collagen, which is the biggest killer of collagen besides the irresistible factor of aging.

What is collagen peptide?

Collagen peptides are small molecules of collagen. Collagen cannot be directly absorbed by the human body, but hydrolyzed into collagen peptides that can be actively absorbed by the body and fully absorbed by body tissues.

Collagen is a biopolymer and the most abundant and widely distributed functional protein in the human body. It is distributed in various tissues and organs of the human body, and is an important component of the human body. About 70% of the composition of the dermis in the skin is collagen.

Is collagen peptide a scam?

At present, collagen peptides have been sold and consumed in countries and regions such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, and China for many years, and their health benefits have been widely recognized. Collagen peptide products have been certified by the China Food and Drug Administration as safe and reliable food.

The efficacy of collagen peptides

  1. Beautifying and skincare, tightening the skin, making it elastic, smoothing wrinkles, brightening the complexion, and delaying aging.
  2. Improve the body’s immunity. After giving birth, women’s resistance decreases and collagen peptides are lost faster. Collagen peptides can enhance immunity and help restore body functions.
  1. The main function of collagen itself in treating hair loss is to treat hair loss, especially postpartum hair loss.
  2. Improve sleep, sleep poorly at night, palpitations, fatigue. Especially for women, it has a good improvement effect.
  1. Replenish qi and blood, replenish body collagen, effectively replenish qi and blood.
  1. Combined with a reasonable diet, can be helpful for weight loss.
  1. Relieve joint pain, collagen peptides can accumulate in cartilage after absorption and circulation. Helping joint disease patients who suffer from joint diseases; Effectively alleviate joint pain and the risk of joint deterioration.
  1. It can protect the liver and stomach and repair the gastric mucosa and liver. The inhibition of TNF-a by collagen peptides can reduce apoptosis of liver cells and reduce the release of oxygen free radicals and lysosomes by white blood cells, thereby protect the liver.