The best dose of Dihydromyricetin (DHM) depends primarily on the reason it is being used. There are three main uses of DHM and the effective dose scales depending on each use:

  • PreventingHangovers
  • Reducing Feelings of intoxication
  • Supporting Healthy Liver Function

Dihydromyricetin Dose for Preventing Hangovers

  • The most common reason people use DHM is to prevent hangovers. The effective dose for preventing hangovers is 300‐600mg taken per 3 alcoholic drinks consumed. An alcoholic drink is defined as a single 12oz beer (4.3% alcohol) or 1.5oz of liquor (35% alcohol). This means if you consume 6 shots of rum in a night, the most effective dose ranges from600‐1,200mg.
  • Whether you should take the lower end or higher end of the dose depends on the severity of your hangover symptoms. If you experience mild hangover symptoms after 6 drinks, a 600mg dose of DHM will suffice. If your hangover symptoms are severe after 6 drinks, a 1,2000mg dose will be most
  • The timing of your DHM dose is also very important. DHM is generally NOT effective when taken the morning after drinking. DHM is a preventative supplement, not a treatment or cure. It is best to take DHM while drinking throughout the night. The longer you wait after you have finished drinking, the less effective the DHM will

Dihydromyricetin Dose for Reducing Feelings of Intoxication

The effective dose for Reducing Feelings of Intoxication is 600‐900mg taken per 3 alcohol drinks. It is important to note, DHM reduces feelings of intoxication by acting on the brain. It has little effect on one’s blood alcohol content. Do NOT use DHM as an excuse to consume alcohol to excess. Never drink and drive.

Take 900mg per 3 drinks if you have no tolerance to alcohol and are below average weight. In general, if you are a “light‐weight” when it comes to drinking, you should take a higher dose of DHM. If you are accustomed to drinking, and less likely to feel drunk after three drinks, a 600mg dose per three drinks will suffice.


For reducing feelings of intoxication, take your first dose of DHM with your first drink. Take another dose with your fourth drink, seventh drink, etc (every three drinks). DHM is less effective for preventing feelings of intoxication if you wait until you are already drunk and take a large dose.

Dihydromyricetin Dose for Supporting Healthy Liver Function

The effective dose for supporting healthy liver function is a 300m dose per three drinks consumed. DHM will NOT completely prevent damage caused to the liver by alcohol, it will only reduce the damage being done. Drinking alcohol to excess on a regular basis will cause liver damage eventually, DHM will only slow down the process.

Even though a dose as small as 300mg per drinks has been shown to reduce liver damage, the more DHM you take while drinking, the less damage will be caused to your liver. DHM is a completely safe a natural plant extract. You can take as much as 3000mgs while drinking without experiencing any side effects.

Please note, all the dosages listed above are suggestions and starting points. Keep in mind, everyone’s body is different. If you find a higher or lower dose works better for you, then you should adjust your dose accordingly.